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Report Card Points Update

Name                  Points

Alex Cupial 9.5
Andrea Barela 1125
Daniel Shellhouse 6
Dominic Sere 12
Grant Shellhouse 6.5
Jaci Moricca 6.75
Joshua Moricca 5.25
Jose Guzman 0.5
Kaitlyn Koch 3
Jamee Terry 1.5
Michael Barton 4

Name                     Points

Khalid Qarryzada 5.5
Krzysztof Cupial 3
Lukasz Cupial 11.25
Mustafa Qarryzada 9.75
Noah Fegley 2.25
Wilfred Hung 8
Zakary Borg 1
Jacob Darst 4.5
James Wang 8
Shawn Carden 2.25
Elizabeth Benton    1.5

Report Card Point Process:
It is very important to make your own copy and turn all your report cards in, so that you may get the highest amount of points possible!
Your points will be added together and then divided by however many report cards you receive per year, not how many you turn into us. REPORT CARDS ONLY. DO NOT TURN IN PROGRESS REPORTS.

Point System:
A = 12 points
A & B = 9 points
B = 6 points
Mixed (if any C's, D's or F's appear on
your report card) = 3 points
E = 12 points
E & S = 9 points
S = 6 points

All S's are considered B's. In the past they were
over looked, but that will no longer be the case. Therefore, students wishing to get credit for All A's must have ALL A's and ALL E's.
If any N's or U's appear on your report card it ONLY RECIEVES 3 POINTS!!!!
Incentives such as medals, trophies, or patches are not given to students with C's, D's, F's, N's or U's
on their report card.