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Date: November 12, 2005 (Saturday)

Time: Ages 5 - 80
         1:00 pm- 6:00 pm

Place: Wang's Martial Arts
          92 - B Wilson Road at First St.
          Humble, TX 77338
          (281) 548 - 1638 or (281) 682-3387
Entry Fee: $35.00 for one and/ or two events
                 $ 5.00 for each additional event

Robert Annand  picture
Picture from left to right :
Shawna Rencher, Adam Arce,
Robert Annand, David Barnes.

Listed below are the divisions; in each, a first, second, and third place trophies will be awarded.
Encouragement awards are given for everyone who does not place.
        ***** FORMS *****
Ages 5-8               Beg./ Int./ Adv.
Ages 9-14             Beg./ Int./ Adv.
Ages 15-17           Beg./ Int./ Adv.
Ages 18-80           Beg./ Int./ Brown/ Black.
TAI CHI               Beg./ Int./ Adv.

         ***** WEAPONS *****
Ages 5-14 Beg./ Int./ Adv.
Ages 15-17 Beg./ Int./ Adv.
Ages 18-80 Beg./ Int./ Adv.
        ***** SPARRING *****
Ages 5-8 Beg./ Int./ Adv. (Boys & Girls)
Ages 9-14 Beg./ Int./ Adv. (Boys & Girls)
Ages 15-17 Beg./ Int./ Adv. (Boys & Girls)
Adult Men Beg./ Int./ Brown & Black.
Adult Women Beg./ Int./ Brown & Black