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Chintown vegi resturant.
Chinese Vegi plate.
Walking Chintown.
Kung Fu students in Chintown.
Welcome center in Chintown.
Culture event in Chinatown
Vegi place in Chinatown





Cinese Food and Tour Chinatown - 7/23/2011
Chinese foor in Chintown Tour Chinatown
Wang's Martial Arts stuents eat Chinese food and tour Chintown.
Wang's Martial Arts students tour Chintown. Kevin Papa's family in Chintown.
Rosas, Sharon, Margret and Steve in Chintown. Kevin Papa's family in Chintown tour.
 July 23rd, a fun time was had by all as about 40 students joined Master Wang for a Vegetarian meal in China town
It was a feast of fancy vegetables and socializing, afterwords they explored some special shops
nearby including a Chinese mall with foot massage, bakery, gift shop, & exotic grocery store.
Chinese Vegi food. Tour Chintown shopping center.